Aims and Scope

The journal “Research Trends in Modern Linguistics and Literature” is an international scholarly publication which covers a wide field of research in the field of linguistics and literature. The mission of the journal is to facilitate the development of scholarly research, the existence of Ukrainian periodicals in the international academic and informational domain, and the overall development of scholarly research interaction. Its goal is to provide assistance in the areas of information, arts and practice in the professional activity of researchers. The activities of the editorial board are focused on promoting contemporary achievements in Ukrainian and international philology, and disseminating information regarding research results, international cooperative endeavours, the organization of scientific events, and the presentation of and cooperation between scientific schools. This magazine facilitates the publication of original, analytical and review articles, descriptions of professional experience, comments, reviews, and reports on scientific and practical events. The subject of the publication is grammatical and lexical semantics; discourse studies; Canadian studies; cognitive linguistics; communicative linguistics; contrastive linguistics; cultural linguistics; linguo-pragmatic study of language units; literature studies; methodological aspects of teaching foreign languages; cross-cultural communication; achievements of European lexicography; applied and corpus linguistics; sociolinguistics; textual studies; theory and practice of translation; terminology.