• Ivanna Melnychuk
  • Iryna Navrotska
Keywords: professional fitness language, structural and semantic features of Instagram fitness blogs, textual characteristics of fitness professional texts


The article is devoted to a comprehensive study of the structural, semantic and textual characteristics of the English professional language of fitness. Achieving the goal involves the following tasks: exploring the stages of development and genesis of a professional language of fitness; distinguishing its terminology; analysing the structural features of terminological fitness vocabulary in order to identify productive ways of creating lexical units; understanding the nature of lexical-semantic relations in the professional language of fitness; identifying the terminological frequency and richness of the professional text. These tasks are realised throuth the implementation of the logical text analysis of Instagram blogs, definition analysis (etymological and word- building) and componential analysis. The modern world is characterised by the dynamic development of new scientific and professional fields, which have an ostensible impact on the society’s level of social and cultural life. Taking into account these processes and phenomena, terminological studies of professional languages acquire special significance, allowing to reveal the leading development characteristics and factors of various linguistic-professional spheres. The theoretical significance of the article pertaining to the multidimensional analysis of the English professional language of fitness enriches and extends the theoretical foundations of terminology, specialised studies of languages, lexicology and lexicography. The study results testify to the fact that fitness terminology is a complex notion comprising the borrowed and newly coined units. The higher professional level of a text is usually characterised by more sophisticated sematic choices. The findings are practically important for the further study of the formation and functioning mechanisms of other professional languages.