• Alla Kalyta
  • Оleksandr Klymenyuk
Keywords: synergism, supervenience, cognition, self-development, causing factors, methodological tools, research in the sphere of energetics


The paper presents the results of the authors’ original philosophical and linguistic consideration of the links between synergism and supervenience during cognitive processes of the human’s speaking- and-thinking activities. Within the framework of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of linguistic phenomena, the authors describe the influence of a multifactorial nature of cause-and-effect relationships on psycho-energetic features of the cognition mechanism functioning. On the basis of previously stated postulates, the authors have formed a systemic cybernetic model of the structure and complex interaction of causing factors that affect the self-development of cognitive processes in the human’s psyche. The paper outlines the specificity of cognitive processes taking place in the four spheres (existential, mental, transcendental, consciousness) of the individual’s spiritual being as well as reveals the essence of methodological potential of the cybernetic model proposed by the authors as a universal interdisciplinary tool for planning and carrying out lingua-cognitive research. Practical recommendations are given for the system planning of a new topic of interdisciplinary lingual-and- energetic research of the features of cognitive processes of speaking-and-thinking self-development, materialized in the person’s speech and communicative behavior.