• Olha Dunaievska
  • Zinaida Levchenko
Keywords: action frame, FLIPped Learning, Project-based Learning, Student-Centred Paradigm, facilitator


The paper addresses the issue of lifelong learning of the professional vocabulary through the prism of M-O-V-E approach to acquiring Patent Law vocabulary during the course of learning English for specific purposes. The work outlines the frame-based grounding for the approach to be effectively built and successfully exercised. Frame-based analysis supplies the core for selection the study material and preparing Patent Law class handouts. The shift in the teaching paradigm from Teacher-centred Learning to Student- centred Learning gets articulated in terms of its impact on the learner, making the latter a motivated investigator ready for fruitful interactive study process. Through the M-O-V-E the following aspects of acquiring Patent Law vocabulary are brought into light:1) motivation of the modern learner; 2) the opportunities for effective facilitation in the classroom; 3) verification of the knowledge gained through the study; and 4) engagement into professional career concerned with the usage of the knowledge gained while university studies and further professional advancement. To the main focus of the work also belong the provision of the practical guidelines for harmonious implementation of M-O-V-E into continuous and a lifelong educational process of the future legal professional.